Back here without Don

Don, SicilyWhen I lost my husband to cancer four years ago, I crumbled.   Lime Leaves and Tastebuds was our blog, our (third) baby and ultimate food creation. Don was its visionary.   He coaxed me into imagining it, searched for the software and worked through the technical maze I preferred to avoid. We brainstormed out the name, but Don insisted on the subheading “food, baking, inspiration and insanity”. Those four words were all Don: state the facts but add a little quirkiness.

Being a little wacky and different from the norm was a pillar of Don’s photographic creativity –it was his muse, in effect. He’d zone in on a bowl of soup and find some odd piece of light to break the monotony of the liquid’s surface or he’d switch backgrounds relentlessly until some strangely perfect colour behind a loaf of bread made the crust’s texture pop out. I felt so lucky to have his photography enhancing my words and drawing eyes to the blog.

“Mado,” he used to say, “We are creative types.” Then he’d wink in a way that made it clear that any other profession was simply below us.

Without Don, I have fumbled, tripped and walked a lopsided road that started in a place devoid of appetite or flavour. All the zing left my tastebuds with his passing and I had no drive (not even a gentle search for the gas pedal) when I imagined cooking, baking or creating without Don’s input.

But thankfully time heals. My life has gone forward. Many blessings have come my way since my last post almost four years ago. I am learning to be a creative-type without the living Don. He would never want himself linked to anything remotely spiritual, but that’s where I find him now by my side as I pursue the things we loved together and engage in as much insanity as possible.

It’s nice to be back. Please read on…

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I live to cook. I love to write. Eating is one of my favourite things to do. All three will merge on this blog.

13 thoughts on “Back here without Don

  1. It’s been a journey for you, and I”m glad that you’re back writing again! I’m always inspired by your blogs and look forward to reading them!

  2. This is such a beautiful post … “food, baking, inspiration and insanity” Wonderful! Can’t wait to read more.

  3. Ahhh…, heartwarming and lovely. I have really come to believe that our departed beloveds are still with us, in some mysterious way or other. I hear Don in this so clearly and am so glad you are moving on in this way that encompasses what was, says what is and looks deliciously forward to what will be….

  4. So lovely Madeleine. I’m so glad to hear time heals. You have been missed. Hope to see you sometime soon.

  5. Welcome back Madeleine, What a beautifully written tribute to Don, who is no doubt still with you in spirit.

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