Sushi on Front

“You can’t write about this place,” says my husband.  “It has the worst name for a sushi joint.”

Obviously, I don’t agree.

It’s called John’s Sushi Bistro. Five months ago it opened on 132 Front Street East, kitty corner to the Lorraine Kimsa Theatre for Young People.

John Moon is a sushi master, standing prim and proper as he awaits orders.  He wears a v-necked, sushi-making kimono over his shirt and tie. A name tag is pinned to his chest. But it’s his hat that sets the tone.  He could double for an air cadet. Continue reading “Sushi on Front”

The Chef’s House is a gotta-go-there

Sometimes there’s something very cool in your city, but you never get around to checking it out – like The Chef’s House. Last night I changed that.
The Chef’s House is a real, live resto run by students.  It’s where the culinary students at George Brown College refine their chops (and if you’re lucky) wow you with their cooking skills. Continue reading “The Chef’s House is a gotta-go-there”

Hong Kong Tourism Board celebrates the Chinese New Year

We’re at the Pearl Harbourfront Chinese Restaurant
More than two dozen, big, round tables fill the room. Our table seats 10 and is behind a wide, cumbersome column that obstructs our view of the stage. We can’t see or be dazzled by the tourism board’s newest video-ad playing behind it and we don’t know who’s speaking into the microphones. But we know there will be food. Continue reading “Hong Kong Tourism Board celebrates the Chinese New Year”