Three cups of coffee

It is a tough job writing this blog but someone has to do it… This week’s mission is to introduce three fabulous coffee shops all within walking distance of my home.  With true dedication and selfless determination, I ordered a latte from all three.  Here’s what happened:

I’m a regular at Broadview Espresso (817 Broadview Ave; 416-553-3833) two blocks north of the Danforth. It’s right around the corner from Energia Althletics and there’s nothing like a latte after sivasana or a long morning run with Lea. Moreover, the staff at BE are very close to my heart.

Why do I love their latte?  It doesn’t hurt that their takeout cup for a double latte is larger than all the rest.  But it’s what’s inside that counts, right?  Barista Laura happily pulls an “extra hot” latte for me and the artist in her makes the prettiest decoration on top.  Magically, their low-fat (1 %) latte doesn’t taste low-fat at all. Continue reading “Three cups of coffee”

Mangoes and coconut sticky rice

My friend Rocca and I recently bought a case of Ataulfo mangoes at Fruit King on the Danforth.  The case held 16 mangoes and cost a lowly eight bucks.  I let my mangoes all ripen at room temperature then refrigerated them, for longer storage.  I suspect Rocca still has plenty of mangoes in her kitchen, too and that’s why she’s asking for this recipe. It is dead-easy, folks!  You make the coconut sauce then pour it over cooked sticky rice (that recipe is found at the end of the Wondrous Larb Gai post) then let it sit and soak up the flavour.

Mangoes are my favourite fruit and Mexican mangoes are pouring into Toronto produce stores right now.  There are four main types to look for. Continue reading “Mangoes and coconut sticky rice”

Wondrous larb gai

A few moons ago, the book club chicks were at my place and I wanted to make something fast, fresh and knock-your-socks-off.  I chose larb gai.

Larb (pronounced lob) refers to a salady-kind of preparation in which chicken (gai) duck, beef, pork or even offal is minced, stir-fried plain and simple, then pumped up with flavour using fresh herbs, salty fish sauce and the sour pucker of lime juice.  It’s a really easy dish to make and tastes best served at room temperature. Continue reading “Wondrous larb gai”

Life changing gizmo

My friend Rocca recently said, “I’m not a gadget girl, but I do love that blue vegetable peeler Madeleine gave me!”

It changed her life!

Now Rocca can peel a mango, an apple and a piece of fresh ginger like nobody else.

She can zoom through a chayote in a second.  She can spin out zucchini ribbons faster than it takes her to find a mandolin and use it. With a Y-peeler in Rocca’s hand, no veggie or fruit is insurmountable. Continue reading “Life changing gizmo”

Doghouse eats

Here’s what a sleeping, happy, fully satiated dog looks like. But just an hour earlier, my mutt Kobe did the unthinkable. He poked his snout into a gift bag, pulled out a loaf of banana bread wrapped in aluminum foil and started a major scarf-down.

Dog mistake number one: leaking evidence. He’s not the smartest Lab in town and blew it making all that strange noise.  I was in my bedroom dressing after a shower when I detected loud, rustling paper nearby, interspersed with snorting and chomping.

I called him… but nada. Continue reading “Doghouse eats”

Sushi on Front

“You can’t write about this place,” says my husband.  “It has the worst name for a sushi joint.”

Obviously, I don’t agree.

It’s called John’s Sushi Bistro. Five months ago it opened on 132 Front Street East, kitty corner to the Lorraine Kimsa Theatre for Young People.

John Moon is a sushi master, standing prim and proper as he awaits orders.  He wears a v-necked, sushi-making kimono over his shirt and tie. A name tag is pinned to his chest. But it’s his hat that sets the tone.  He could double for an air cadet. Continue reading “Sushi on Front”