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Madeleine Greey is passionate about food and has been writing, cooking, speaking and teaching about it for decades. Along the way, she’s written countless recipes.

She got her sea legs at The Toronto Star when her first weekly column, “A Taste of Asia” ran from 1988-1989. She was hired for her first-hand knowledge of the region’s food, having lived and worked in Asia (primarily Taiwan) for four years.

Many columns followed. “FoodSmarts” ran weekly in The Toronto Star for five years (1993-98), then “Get Fresh!” ran bi-weekly (2000-2002). Other regular food columns include “Quick, Fast and Easy” at, “Food Facts” in Homemakers magazine and “Fresh Express” in Forever Young news tabloid.

Cooking for her (often picky) children brought tears of joy and anguish, leading to national recognition with her popular “Dinner Tonight” and “Nutrition Nibbles” columns in Today’s Parent Magazine (2004-2010).

IMG_1139Madeleine made her first screen appearance with two cooking CD-Roms, “Easy Cooking: Chinese” (Arc Media, 1995) and “World Cuisine: Chinese” (Oasis Blue Production, 1996) providing cooking demonstrations plus ingredient lists and original Chinese recipes. The popularity of these CD-Roms led to years of television appearances on Breakfast Television, TVO and Canada AM.

In 1999, Madeleine came out with her first cookbook, Get Fresh! (How to cook a kumquat and other useful tips for more than 100 fruits and vegetables (Macmillan Canada, 1999) then co-edited All Stirred Up: 150 of the best recipes from the Women’s Culinary Network (Random House Canada, 2003).

For over a decade, Madeleine taught cooking classes at Loblaws and the LCBO while providing food demos at numerous trade shows.

Her corporate clients include Ziploc (SC Johnson) , Foodland Ontario, USA Rice, U.S. Watermelon, Ontario Apple Commission, Money’s Mushrooms, California Walnuts, Go South!, BerNARdin Home Canning and Unilever.




11 responses to “Madeleine Greey

  1. Your blog looks terrific! Knowing you, it will be a wonderful read and full of interesting tidbits. Best of luck!

    Norene Gilletz

  2. Great blog Mado! Looking forward to reading more.

  3. Congrats! It’s a great blog and I’m looking forward to reading more.

  4. Congratulations on the beautiful blog, Madeleine… eating is one of my all-time favourite hobbies!

  5. Barbara in Nova Scotia

    Visually beautiful and verbally delightful! We’re rejoicing with you and wishing your much success and satisfaction in this new venture.

    • I hope you and Hank will subscribe, comment and let me know when you’d like me to cover something.

      When does the lobster season open in Oyster Bay? Krystal and I will never forget the sweet taste of those red crustaceans we enjoyed when we dined with you last!

  6. Hey Madeleine:

    I love it all — the stories, the adventures and the photos! Congratulations!

  7. nettie cronish

    lets go on a trip, pick a foodie destination and we will eat well. Nice pic,Nettie

  8. Oh Darn — I looked and now I’m hungry already !!!
    — back to more mindfulness work on how to respond to “craving and desire”
    Great blog – I love it – beautifully and temptingly presented. I’m sure it will be VERY popular very soon!

  9. Great stuff, Madeleine! Your larb gai has instantly become my dinner plan for tonight! Thanks.

  10. hi how are you.. Congratulations on the beautiful blog.

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